What Is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing is a healing modality that looks at the human body as one holistic entity where the various levels of the human being and the human experience – the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual — influence and affect each other.  The Energy Healer works on all these levels to bring about wellness, balance, and thus optimal health.

The human body is surrounded by an energy field called the Human Energy Field (HEF).  The currents of this HEF and the various energy centers (chakras) contained in the HEF can be distorted, blocked, repressed, maligned, and in many ways interfered with.  The trained Energy Healer can clear the blocks, align and organize, balance, and restore the HEF, and charge the entire field to bring the person toward a higher state of well-being, clarity, and healing.

The Energy Healer also works with the entire human energy consciousness system in harmony with a person’s level of awareness, longings, and his/her state of being.  This modality is complimentary to other treatment modalities including modern medicine, psycho-therapy, massage & bodywork, and acupuncture.

You will find more information about Energy Healing in the Benefits of Energy Healing page.

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