A Typical Session

What to expect as a new client:

As a new client you will be asked questions about your health and health history and additional information.  This information can be provided before your session to reduce your time spent in your first session.  After the completion of the intake, you will then be guided to get on a massage table, fully clothed and if required also covered with a blanket for your comfort.

The hands-on energy healing is performed by touching your body, but can also be done without touching the body if you have sensitivities or discomfort.  Most clients will get very relaxed, many even fall into a deep sleep while the energy healer does the work.  Talking during a healing sessions is not required and may even take away from the experience.

At the end of the session, you will get some time to ask questions or share your experience and the healer will give you recommendations.  The healer, however, will in no way medically diagnose your condition.

A typical session lasts no more than 60 minutes.  Healing sessions are scheduled by appointment only – no walk-ins are accepted.  Based on your condition and healing goals, a series of regular follow-up sessions may have to be scheduled in order to bring about the desired result.

The cells in your body are completely loyal to you – they work for you in harmony. We even can say they pray to you …… That is absolutely the truth. Now what are you going to do with this knowledge – Don Miguel Ruiz